How It Works

PureFit Meals are made fresh locally and never frozen.

  1. Choose any combination of the 6 meals offered that week, minimum order 2 meals
  2. Choose between pickup at GNC on Grindstone in Columbia, MO (free), pickup at Supplement Superstore in Jefferson City, MO (free) or  delivery to your doorstep or to your place of work in Columbia, MO ($6 per delivery)
  3. Choose between regular protein meals ($10.50 each) or high-protein meals ($12.50 each)

You will enjoy a full month of meals before a meal is ever repeated.

Each order is placed in a cooler with an ice pack so they will stay fresh on the ride home or on your doorstep when you get up in the morning. The cooler is exchanged each time you have a new delivery.

Purefit Meals is recurring weekly but there is no contract or long term commitments.  You can turn your account on and off as much as you need.