Reach Your Goals

PureFit Is Not a Diet

PureFit is a weekly meal delivery and pick-up service that helps you build a healthy foundation for life. PureFit meals take the frustration and disappointment out of weight loss and help you regain confidence in your body. You can finally lose weight — without dieting — and keep it off for good.

PureFit works on a week-to-week basis, which means you’re not tied down with a long-term commitment. With our fresh ready-to-eat meals, you will be able to make healthy decisions all week long and eliminate the guesswork of nutrition and excessive snacking.

Save Time, Boost Energy, Decrease Stress

Gone are the days of standing in the grocery aisle, trying to compare calories-from-fat and artificial ingredients. Instead, PureFit meals are prepared by nutrition experts. Every meal is healthy, portioned correctly, and you don’t have to lift a finger to make it. This program works for everyone — beginners, fitness experts, and everyone in between.

Willpower Not Required

The sweeteners and artificial products in processed foods trigger cravings that make you constantly hungry. These low-nutrient foods fail to fill you up, so you eat more to compensate. The real meats and vegetables in PureFit Meals are truly satisfying with true nutrients that fill you up and make it easy to make healthy choices. You’ll finally feel full and fuel your body properly.

Meals, Prepared Locally

All PureFit meals are prepared right here in Columbia. You can choose a variety of meals each week, all cooked and packaged in a local kitchen. We offer individual meal purchase at CSC Cafe. 501 Fay Street Suite 102 Columbia, MO